2013: The Exciting Developments in Science

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In 2013, there were a lot of exciting developments in science from the first journey taken the beyond of the solar system to neutron particles that the underground telescope determined. Here are some of them.

Interstellar Space

131225130601_science2_304x171_n_nocreditIn March, the scientists explained the findings showing that Voyager 1 spacecraft that NASA sent to the space to discover the beyond of the solar system in 1977 left the heliosphere ( the layer formed by hot gas bubbles coming from the sun) in seamless way in August 2012.

But some officers from NASA made a counterclaim to this explanation.

In September, the view completely changed, and the scientists taking part in Voyager 1 project announced that the spacecraft entered the interstellar region by leaving the solar system.

Although some have still doubts, Voyager 1 became the first man-made object that was able to enter the interstellar space after 36 years from its launch.

Weapon from printer

3d-printed-gunIn May, USA has announced that the world’s first 3D printed metal gun was successfully tested.

Nearly a hundred thousand people downloaded the plastic gun designed by Cody Wilson that defined himself as “Crypto- anarchists” and tested in a rifle range in Austin, Texas, in a period of less than a week.

Later, American government had the said weapon removed from the web site with pressure of the organizations campaigning against weapons.

The Underground Telescope

131225130639_science3_304x171_n_nocreditThe giant telescope that was placed on ice mass being under hundreds of meter of the ground has detected the high- energy neutrino particles coming from outside of the solar system.

Global Warming

United Nations intergovernmental panel on climate change has showed the human activities with “95% certainty” as the main reason of the global warming since 1950.

Nanotube Computers

Ogletree-CNTIn USA, a group of scientists from Stanford University introduced the first computer that they made from nanotube in September.

It has been stated that computer prototype named as Cedric will open the door of smaller, faster and more effective computers than silicon models currently used.

By the way, NASA and Google became partners to computer that costed $15 million and operated by being predicated on quantum mechanics.

In USA, the first results of the project aiming to map human brain were announced in March.

The project called as “Human Connectome” aims to determine how brain structures affect the human abilities and behaviors.

New pioneers of space

In 2013, the space race accelerated significantly.

India sent to Mars unmanned spacecraft.

China’s robot named as Jade Rabbit became the first spacecraft that made “soft landing” on the surface of the moon after 37 years.

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