‘Coffee Rust’,Coffee Is In Danger

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Providing livelihoods by selling coffee bean 4 million Central American farmers are fighting some kind of fungal disease surrounding the crop fields. While killing plants, this disease ,at the same time, affects negatively coffee bean reserves  around the world.


The farmers in Central America that meet a large part of coffee needs around the world are in the danger of losing their jobs. Described as ‘relentless’ a form of fungal disease that has surrounded coffee plants is damaging to crops.

Dry the leaves of coffee plant this disease is also known as ‘ coffee rust’ because of its color. Small farmers, however, are affected most by this disease. Saying that he lost the half of the crop last year Roman Lec has expressed that the fungus again spread this year against all measures taken.

Families that combat against fungus surrounding coffee plants go to debt in order to not lost their incomes and their children are back on the field by leaving school because they don’t have enough money to take new employees. However, at the last of this chain, there are migrant workers earning only a few dollars for one day.‘ Coffee rust’ does not just affect the consumption of coffee that becomes a joy every day routine, it also jeopardizes the future of 4 million people providing their lives by producing coffee in Central America and southern Mexico.

In Guatemala, the coffee producing farmers, tired of the war and the outbreak of coffee now plan to return to the vegetable planting by leaving coffee at the past. According to a report in the New York Times, experts are pointing out the climate change as the cause of this disease. Fungus with rising temperatures is reaching wider and higher field. Scientists have expressed that the development of fungus-resistant coffee seeds would be possible within 30 years.


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