Sweden launches world’s first quick charge electric passenger ferry in August

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Due to increasing prices of fossil fuels and the damage done to the environment the countries continue to turn to cleaner system. The latest example of this world’s first quick charge electric passenger ferry, The Movitz will debut in August.

Developed by Enchandia Marine Company, the passenger ferry The Movitz is now using two 125 kW POD engines  instead of 355 horsepower diesel engines and taking its power from 180 kilowatt-hour nickel metal hybride batteries with made custom changes.

As described, the sea craft capable of carrying 100 passengers  does not wait passengers too much during charging and within 10 minutes it can store enough energy to make a trip for 1 hour at a speed of 9 knots.

The Movitz that can save some 50,000 liters of diesel and 130 tons of carbon emissions  thanks to the power-based fee structure established provides a significant advantage for both the environment and the economy.

Said work will begin next August The Movitz, the electric passenger ferry, will serve between Solna Strand and The Gamla Stan.


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