The World’ s New Hope “Oil-Eating Bacteria”

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Scientists found this new microbe while they were searching about millions of gailon oil which expanded through the ocean after the explosion on the oil platform, in the bowels of the ocean.

It was determined that this microbe could dissociate the oil which expanded through an area which is as big as about Manhattan .

From Berkeley National Laboratory, in the leadership of Kerry Hazen, the researches determined that the microbe did not consume the oxygen as much as the other oil-eating bacterias while they were dissociating the oil in the ocean.

Researches are based on 200 samples analyses picked from 17 different areas in the bowels of the ocean between 25 May and 2 July. It was determined that the dominant microbe in water polluting with oil is a new kind which is close “Oceanospirillales”family.

Scientists have worried about the fact that “oil-eating activies” of these microbes will consume oxygen in the ocean to great extend and then, they will put the other marine animals’ lifes in danger. But, it is determined  while the rate of oxygen is 67% in the area oil polluted, the rate of oxygen in the rest of the area is 59%.

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